Research: Third Party Trails

Research, and specifically registration trial research, forms part of QMS FoodTECH’s origin story.  Throughout the years – and, indeed, decades - research has formed a crucial part of QMS FoodTECH’s strategy. This allows us to provide scientific data not only to producers, but also to manufacturers.  QMS FoodTECH is constantly involved in every facet of trials: planning (location, and scientific layout of trials with a special emphasis on statistical principles), execution, and documenting the results. 

To provide a more comprehensive service to our clients, QMS FoodTECH is at the forefront of research into novel and improved ways of taking on our clients’ everyday challenges. We are always designing products, services and systems to address shortcomings identified in the industry, followed by rigorous testing.  This ensures that our products and services are adding value for our clients, allowing them to generate products of a higher quality and standard – and, ultimately, leading to improved overall growth in the industry.