Bio-Ag: Biological Control

As part of the holistic approach adopted by QMS FoodTECH, we can also provide our clients with beneficial insects to aid in the biological control of pests.

Biological control involves the use of pests’ natural enemies – whether pathogens, parasites or predators - to control pest populations, ensuring that their population size does not increase beyond acceptable economic thresholds.

There are many benefits to using biological control as part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). These include:

  • No chemical residue;
  • No potential for resistance against beneficial insects;
  • More environmentally friendly; and
  • Cost-effective since it lengthens the effects of chemical agents used in conjunction with biological control.

QMS FoodTECH can offer control agents for citrus mealybug (CMB) as well as for false codling moth (FCM).