Agasyst: Farm Management Tool

Agasyst is a farm management tool that gives you an integrated platform to manage the many challenges you face every day: an all in one solution. Agasyst provides you with a user-friendly checkpoint system to ensure you can make proactive and informed decisions. The Agasyst software helps ease your many daily challenges by providing early warning systems which include FMS, CBS and FF monitoring.

With a user-friendly interface and innovative software, Agasyst is the solution you’ve been looking for to assist you in managing your farm to perfection. The tool comes with a number of services, among them scouting, imaging and applying data.

Agasyst Scouting tackles the following challenges:

  • False Codling Moth (FCM/FMS) monitoring (traps and fruit cutting)
  • Fruit Fly (FF) monitoring
  • Bactrocera dorsalis (BD) monitoring

Agasyst iScout will improve staff management and assist in tracking data faster. This includes tracking scouts while they are moving through your orchards. All data generated is digital.

Agasyst Imaging includes NDVI, NIR, and Moisture Maps. These will make it easier to identify problematic areas on the farm and make informed decisions for corrective action.

Agasyst Application data includes yield data, sampling data, products and equipment management, and tasks, to mention a few.